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1. Act up = to misbehave

  • My son used to act up every day when he was little. 


2. Bottle up = stay hidden

  • He would rather bottle up rather than solve the problems at work. 


3. Break up = end a relationship

  • Jessica just broke up with her boyfriend.


4. Back up = to copy something as a security measure

  • My computer crashes three times this week, so I need to back up all my data now. 


5. Blow up = to get angry very fast

  • Moore blows up almost every class because Jack is always late. 


6. Brighten up = to make cheerful, happy

  • My sister tried to brighten up my day when I was feeling said. 


7. Butter up = to flatter

  • She always butters up her boss when the new job position is available. 


8. Catch up = to share news with someone

  • I haven’t seen him for such a long time, and it was great to catch up.


9. Chat up = to have a light, friendly conversation

  • She went to that bar only because she liked chatting up with the handsome bartender.


10. Come up with = think of something, a plan or an idea

  • We have to come up with a plan!


11. Cover up = to hide, conceal

  • Even in court, he still tried to cover up everything that he did. 

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12. Doll up = to dress formally, to dress for a special occasion

  • My mom needs to doll up before her birthday party.


13. Dress up = to have very nice clothes on

  • Alicia always liked to dress up for her dates. 


14. Eat up = to believe immediately

  • He ate up everything that his psychologist told him.


15. End up – to turn out, conclude

  • He ended up working at his father’s company. 


16. Fix up = to make right, adjust

  • Melissa fixed up her dress before going out. 


17. Give up = surrender, admit failure

  • I will nevergive up.


18. Head up = to lead, to take charge

  • You have to head up all the meetings today.


19. Hold up = to wait, to delay

  • What’s holding up the presentation?


20. Hung up = thinking or worrying about someone/something

  • She was too hung up about her wedding.


21. Juice up = to charge

  • I have to juice up my laptop because the battery is dead.


22. Keep up = to continue

  • Keep up the good work everyone!


23. Kiss up to = to show false flattery

  • Everyone knew she was kissing up to the boss to get a better job.


24. ine up = have something/someone ready

  • Do you have any food lined up?


25. Loosen up = to relax

  • You have been very stressed lately – you have to loosen up.


26. Make up = to reconcile after a quarrel/fight

  • I can’t stay mad at you anymore, let’s make up?


27. Mess up = to make a mistake, to ruin

  • He totally messed up the cake.


28. Roll up one’s sleeves = to prepare to work

  • He rolled up his sleeves, and started packing.


29. Round up = to collect or gather something

  • Round up the employees for the meeting!


30. Screw up = to ruin, to make a mess

  • He totally screwed upon his exam.


31. Sign up = to commit oneself to a period of employment/education

  • Kevin signed up for his first Psychology course online. 


32. Speed up = to make something go faster

  • You have to speed up your car if you want to be there on time.


33. Split up = to separate, to break apart from the group

  • They had to split up in order to find Jimmy.


34. Sign up = to commit oneself to a period of employment/education

  • Kevin signed up for his first Psychology course online. 


35. Suck up = flatter someone excessively

  • He sucked up to the teacher only to get a better grade.


36. Take up = occupy time, space, attention

  • It’s going to take up too much time.


37. Tied up = very busy

  • He is always tied up with work.


38. Think up = to invent or imagine something

  • We have to think up an excuse for why we didn’t go to school.


39. Up the creek = to be in serious trouble

  • If I don’t pay the bill by tomorrow, I will be up the creek


40. Wind up = end up in a specific situation, place

  • I never thought I would wind upin Australia. 


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